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RRR Equipment

This is the equipment that has allowed me to capture these recordings.

1. Computers:

a) 27" iMac (High Sierra and GarageBand). After experimenting with several other DAWs I decided GB was more than I needed. I can easily upgrade to Logic Pro if/ when it becomes beneficial.

b) iPad 4 - song lyrics and music.

c) iPhone 8 - Bluetooth to headphones and larger stereo system.
2. MOTU M4 A to D and Audio (microphone, guitar jack inputs USB interface. These new models had recently been released and offered the best performance overall. Low impedance headphone amp output is essential for hearing/ mixing what you record.

3. Microphones:

a) RODE NT1 Condenser Microphone Kit (shock mount & pop filter). At a fraction of the cost of the most expensive studio microphones, and offering the flat frequency response I was going for, I am delighted with the recorded sound.
b) Sennheiser e935 Dynamic microphone.

4. Instruments:

a) McConnell custom guitar w/ pickup

b) Epiphone acoustic guitar

c) Taylor GS mini-e Bass acoustic /electric guitar

d) Mandolin

e) Harmonicas (various keys)

f) Bodhran (tune-able)

g) Novation mk-3 MIDI Keyboard

5. Monitors & Equipment:

a) KEF C25(s) driven by Nakamichi TA-4A receiver

b) KEF C80(s) driven by Nakamichi CA-7 control/preamp & PA-5 power amp

Sennheiser HD 58X Headphones
Sennheiser HD 300 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 4.5 BTNC Headphones

6. Miscellaneous:
Cables - XLR Mic. cables & guitar/ instrument cables.
Mic. Stand w/ Boom (K&M)
2nd Microphone extension arm and flex extender
IPad Holder (newer)
Headphone holder(s)
Harmonica holder
Music stand

Microphone case(s)

Custom sound treatment panel(s)

External HDD drive(s)

USB 2-speed fan (iMac gets very warm when recording & mixing)


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