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B - OLD songs

The River Recording Room Sessions

These are songs I wrote over many years of playing and singing.  They are somewhat personal but I hope you can relate some of these feelings and observations to your own life.

about the OLD Songs

These are some of my older songs, newly realized and recorded.

It's Over  - 1994

 Written in February 1994 after I lost my job of 18 years, it hopefully conveys the emotions a person feels at this trying time of their life. Dedicated to all the others who have experienced this.


The Seed  - 1994

 This is a song I wrote, March 1994, for my Nanny (Honnah). Self-explanatory if you listen to the lyrics! ENJOY.

1399  - 1991

 This song was written in 1991 to acknowledge the lessons I learned while working with my father and his identical twin brother, about life and business. In this song I acknowledge their lessons about satisfying customers and how best to treat people. 1399 was the address of their trailer and trailer parts business in Winnipeg. Many of our customers came in to purchase all the components to build or retrofit their truck campers or travel trailers.

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