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Musical Stories

I am a lover of lyrics. Early influences were all about the song!  I believe music takes a story or a message to our hearts and soul!

Having fallen in love with Stan Roger's songs at an early age that my brothers & I sang & played at the Lake, I learned to play them on the guitar. Earlier, my late brother Howard had introduced me to English and Scottish folk songs he had brought back from living in England. Harry Boardman, Ewan McColl, Dick Gaughan & Ralph McTell were some of those artists. Other early influences included Joni Mitchell, Ian Tyson, Neil Young, Bruce Cockburn & Stephen Fearing. My favorites today still include these artists, as well as Garnet Rogers, John Prine, Tom Waits & Jason Isbell.

When I was a drummer in a Winnipeg rock band Why? in the early '70s, the guitarists in the group got me started on guitar. I am also still very much influenced by rock and roll!

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