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A - NEW songs

The River Recording Room Sessions

These are songs I wrote over many years of playing and singing.  They are somewhat personal but I hope you can relate some of these feelings and observations to your own life.

about The NEW Songs

More Blessings - 2020

On my morning walk one day this chorus came to me, both the words and the music. I had  recently learned I was to be a Grandfather for the first time. I completed the song early in the new year. We were there when River was born in February of 2020 just as we were learning of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Father Now - 1997/ 2021

Originally written when I was a father with 2 teenage boys, as I reflected on the responsibilities we had inherited from our parents. I added the last 2 verses for my newly acquired daughter-in-law, the Mother of my 1st Grandson.

St. Paddy's Day - 2008/2021

This song was written for my late brother Howard; If you isten to Stan Roger's "House of Orange" you'll understand the reference in the 7th (2nd last) verse.

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