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C - FUN songs

The River Recording Room Sessions

Although I also wrote these songs years ago, I had some fun adding some sound effects and enhancing them with MIDI instruments. I hope you have a laugh listening to these.

about The FUN Songs

BOSS 302 - 1994/2021

This song is about the cars I was fascinated with, in my youth. It was a favorite thing of many young men and women to have a fast sporty car or motorcycle (I guess it still is) but hopefully, now they're electrically powered! It features my brother-in-law's 1970 BOSS 302 Ford Mustang, a collector's item to this day.

Sunday Morning (aka The Gunfight) - 1980/2021

 My favorite Uncle was a fan of Marty Robbins. I wrote this for Charlie and tried to capture the spirit of Marty's songs albeit much shorter than many of his story songs.


The Fiddler Plays on Sunday  - 1990

 Written by my late brother Howard, this song tells the story of the Temple Bar Song Circle in Oxford, where he spent a year on sabbatical and I joined him in 1973. My good friend, Mike Regimbal joins me on bass, fiddle and backing vocals; However, this song circle was conducted on the internet!

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