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The EP Recording Session

(My son) Harley and I went into Dave Clark's Bon's Cave Studio in late May 2018 and laid down guitar and vocals for the 4 tracks. Two of the songs are ballads and Harley decided on a sparse presentation on these just adding Michael Herring's (weighty and mellow) double bass to New Endings and Northern Nights where we are also accompanied by the marvelous melancholy, haunting violin of Aline Homzy.

The other two songs demanded a more expansive backdrop, Manitoba Flood of 1997 telling the story of a heroic city winning a battle and Fin de siècle attempting to capture the undefinable legacy of Canada's (now famous) "General Idea", art group. Harley's guitars and Dave's drums lit up my stories layered on the masterful electric bass lines from Dan Fortin.

The EP was recorded by Dave Clark (Bon's Cave, Toronto ON, Canada), produced by Harley Card and Dave Clark, and Mastered by Joe Lapinski (WOW Studio, St Catherines ON, Canada).

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The Songs

I'm a life long, singer songwriter,           guitarist, lyricist and composer.

1. Northern Nights
Recalling my wonderful youth at Gull Lake, MB, this song describes the impressions and emotions I experienced when returning to "The Lake" after moving away.

2. Manitoba Flood of 1997
Written during the flood that year, this song attempts to celebrate the energy that came from the people attempting to save their city.

3. New Endings
Originally written many years ago, as I focused on my aging parents after moving away, it came back to us like a "present message" after significant losses in our lives, more recently!

4. Fin de siècle

Dedicated to the late Ron Gabe of the famous Canadian

art group; "General Idea". Ron is the late brother of my best friend Roy and was like another, older brother to me (as well as Roy) when we were growing up. In addition to the inspiration of his art, he introduced Roy and me to much music we might have missed or only discovered at a later time. Included in this list, was Bob Dylan!

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